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Feature List

Main Features

  • Run on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Two rendering pipelines: Fixed, and GLSL (It will work on older cards and computers!)
  • Plugin friendly (Everything is a plugin)
    • Write plugins in either C# or Boo (Python-like)
  • Mix and match worlds, game modes, and environments from other plugins in both single player and multiplayer


  • Procedural world generation
  • Block filters (For seasonal changes and regeneration)
  • World modifies (Allows plugins to transparently alter other world generators to suit their needs)
  • Saving/Persist systems
  • Multiplayer synchronization system
  • RPC to send events to other clients or servers
  • Entity system that automatically synchronizes
  • Load animations, static objects
  • Bump maps, emissions, reflectivity (SERB) system
  • Script-based particle systems
  • World position based audio system
  • Near-infinite procedural world generation (2147483647 to -2147483647)

UI Framework

  • XML Markup that defines
  • Access and dynamically control UI with Boo
  • Use GlueStick to synchronize values from game objects with UI controls

World Rendering features

  • Auto Level of Detail (LoD) for geometry in the world
  • Animated textures
  • Alpha/blending correctly
  • Shadows built-in
  • Reflection cube-map built-in
  • World is allowed to define gravity at different points

Environment system

  • Environment consists of sky layers (Texture, colors, dynamic)
  • Orbital objects are images or textured spheres which have the ability to emit light
  • Orbitals correctly cast light on each other and on the world
  • Early models of wind that impacts particles and weather
  • Weather as a collision-based particle system

Global rendering features

  • Shadows on everything
  • SSAO in post-processing pipeline
  • Allow custom post-processing filters (Both "plain" filters for older computers, and GLSL filters)


  • Server can run completely standalone and configured separately
  • Access server internals with a set of convenient JSON REST endpoints for things like
    • Internal server health
    • Resources
    • Online players

Set of Essential Libraries

  • Several sets of "essential" libraries provide a foundation for game development
    • essentials - Base code for entities, simple environments, and prefab structures. Also includes common things like in-game chat and scoreboard
    • essentials.action - The basics for FPS and gravity-based entities. Also implements item drops and pathing libraries, along with some basic AI classes
    • essentials.blocks.* - Various sets of common blocks, ranging from grass, rock, ice, water, to alien vegetation
    • essentials.blocks.vegetation
    • essentials.blocks.structural
    • essentials.blocks.alien