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Boo is a python-like language that is compiled by the CLR. This

makes it exception for Empeld, since it can pretty much run at native-times.

You can read more about boo on their github wiki.

Read about Empeld's preprocessing: Bocce

Performance tricks

In addition to the Code rules for gamedev, there are a few other tricks you should follow when writing in Boo.

Use declared types for performance-critical pieces

By default, boo lets you use weak-typed variables to compute against. eg:

def GetBlock(x, y, z):

This is nice to read, but because Boo can't tell what x, y, and z are, it has to guess, and that can be slow. So it can be MUCH faster if you specify it yourself.

def GetBlock(x as int, y as int, z as int) as IBlock: