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Distributing Mods

Up until this point, you've probably work in a mode where you have your dll in the plugins/ folder, right next to another folder for your content. There's a very easy way to redistribute your mod as a single bundle.


A single mod-zip (Preferred)

Let's say you have a plugin named myplugin. Create a new zip file named and put the following inside it:

  • Everything in your content folder
  • Your compiled dll renamed to plugin.dll

The result you you have 1 zip file you can sign and redistribute. Just have you fans plop the entire zip file into their plugins folder (No need to extract).

Make sure to read Security and signatures so you correctly sign your output file.

Why not to do this?

If you make a single mod-zip, that means that if people want to build mods that extend your mod it'll be much harder for them since they won't be able to reference your plugin. If you don't want this to happen, then do it this way, otherwise, see the two-file method below.

Separate dll and content zip

This deployment method keeps your dll and content separate. Let's say (again) you have a mod named myplugin.

Your output will be two files:

  1. Your dll named myplugin.dll
  2. Your content zipped up named

In this method you have to sign both files, and users have to put both files in their plugins/ folder. They don't need to unzip the zip file.

Distributing your Boo Plugin

There are several ways you can redistribute a Boo plugin. Here are the two most common:

The easiest way to distribute your boo plugin is to just create a zip file of your folder. So if your folder name was myplugin you'd have Then, you can just send this to your friends and have them drop it in their plugins/ folder (No need to unzip it! Empeld can read zip files!)


If you'd like, you can also compile you're Boo code into a MSIL dll file, and distribute it the same way you distribute C# plugins. To compile, simply use the same params you do to test your plugin, but also specify an output via -o.