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The pluginbase assembly is stores all common code and contracts between a plugin and the main game engine. Things like dependencies, math extensions, vector extensions, Perlin Noise (and other world helpers), and base classes are in pluginbase. Pluginbase doesn't have any functionality on its own.

All plugins are required to reference pluginbase. If you looking for more common and helpful things please see Essentials and Action essentials

Click here to see the API docs for pluginbase


One of the primary features of pluginbase is giving you access to internal features, such as saved game, or the block manager.

Sample Use

Simply put, anything marked with the [Dependency] attribute is added when this.InjectDependencies() is called within the constructor. The interfaces must be provided as a dependency in the core or from another plugin.

public class TestSubsystem : SubsystemBase
    protected IWorld World{get; private set;}

    protected IBlockLookup Blocks{get; private set;}

    protected IEntityManager EntityManager{get; private set;}

    public TestSubsystem()
        //Call this in the constructor to populate anything marked with [Dependency]



  • IWorld - The current active world framework. Used to read/write blocks at coordinates


Base Classes